SAVE THE DATE: November 19th. The SOCAPRI 2018/2019 Resort collection is coming to US.

SAVE THE DATE: November 19th. The SOCAPRI 2018/2019 Resort collection is coming to US.

SAVE THE DATE: November 19th. The SOCAPRI 2018/2019 Resort collection is coming to US.

Ladies and gentlmen just 1 week to go for the official launch of the SOCAPRI Resort collection to US market and we are so excited about that.

We can't wait to delight you.

The collection will be available at our stunning boutique in Palm Beach at the brand new on-line store.

In the meanwhile, discover more about this year collection. Start feeling involved in our dolcevita atmosphere



The SOCAPRI 2018 collection starts from a stylistic equivalence with a romantic flavor.

SOCAPRI has the Resort in its DNA and translates it not only into its collections but through the expression of a lifestyle that starts with love for the summer and has as its point of view the journey to exotic places and the natural propensity to refinement.

The Island of Capri and Palm Beach, South Florida, are the two places chosen for boutiques because they are exclusive destinations for those seeking beauty and style.

From this scenario takes shape "DETAILS", the Resort collection proposed by SOCAPRI for this summer.

"DETAILS" is a name that contains two words inside, even if only for phonic assonance.

“IT” which recalls the sound of the Italian style of the creative stylistic thinking of the creations and “TALES” that refers to the fascinating stories of travelers and their wonderful journeys filled with emotions.

In reality, there is a third meaning that fully characterizes the name of the collection and is found in the absolute value of the word "details".

For women, among the collection, there are dresses, tops, and trousers made with the refined technique of intertwined macramé that gives style and elegance.

Then there is St. Gallen's lace, that brings the summer with it and celebrates its fullness. San Gallen lace through an alternation of geometries of different shapes and sizes give dynamism to the garments.

Constant, in all the SOCAPRI collections, is the use of the precious habutai silk which gives it a particular shine and softness for the garments. In the Habutai silk, the garments are made with the iconic print of the brand, the famous "maiolica" motif, revisited in the shades of color and the blue and red "baiadera" stripes, synonymous with class.

To complete the list of fabrics, linen appears, precious, fresh and chic.

Every woman creation is designed to leave nothing to chance, embroidery, trimmings, quality fabrics, colors sometimes neutral, sometimes vivid paint the appearance of the woman SOCAPRI, an attentive observer of the aesthetics of precise detail.

The SOCAPRI man, this year has important innovations that manifest themselves in the use of new colors such as the “ecru” for the jackets, the reintroduction of the double-breasted jacket, the must-have of masculine elegance as well as the new shapes of trousers with a desired bohemian style.


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